About Us

2nd 2 None is owned by Suzanne Nation and Philip Spencer.

The property has been in Suzanne’s family for almost 100 years. She returned to the property known as Wedgetail Ridge and diversified with the help of her family, planting the vineyard in 1999 together with about 400 olive trees. In 2002, the winery was built and in 2004, the Cellar Door was officially opened.

Philip grew up in Alice Springs and at the young age of 15 after both his parents passed away, went to live in Adelaide with an Aunt and Uncle. This is where Philip got his love for wine. Philip spent almost 40 years in the corporate and Local Government sectors, before realising his dream and becoming a partner with Suzanne in 2008, in the wine industry.

Together we have achieved a lot, in particular winning the wine awards in an international competition entered by such companies as Penfold, Wolff Blass, Jacobs Creek, Yellow Tale, just to mention a few.

ozmap2The people who call Australia home stem from a myriad of  multicultural backgrounds and differing lifestyles. 2nd 2 None’s evocative wines capture the characteristic and quintessential expressions of both the country, and its people.

2nd 2 None wines reflect a synthesis of old world and new world wine making styles. They reflect vibrancy, evoke memories and stir emotions. Our wines have personalities that surprise and excite, they challenge and demand the extremes of spontaneity and discipline from our wine making team.

The company’s objective is to embrace wisdom and tradition, whilst at the same time, aims to adjust to global consumer’s ever changing lifestyles and tastes. The tireless quest for distinction is achieved by maintaining a solid and comprehensive plan throughout all facets of the business – from vineyard to consumer.

The passion and approach of Suzanne and Philip, ensures longevity of both the company and its products. Excellence and innovation are achieved when we implement broad visions and an understanding of our craft in order to produce fine market ready products.

2nd 2 None is committed to establishing solid and long term relationships with importers, agents and customers. Our company has the flexibility to create new and innovative products to meet ever changing market requirements.

It is described as sexier, smarter and more relaxed – and no, it’s not an improved version of Paris Hilton. It’s herbal wine – a unique concept that has all the characteristics of traditional wine with just a hint of something different, exciting and fun.

Troy Dodds – Australian Acreage and Property Magazine