Koalas: permanent residents of the vinery

Koalas: permanent residents of the vinery

This has been Suzanne’s family property for almost 100 years.

Through the generations, we have seen droughts, floods, fire and despair.

I am third generation on the property and in1999, signed contracts with Greening Australia and Land for Wildlife just to mention a few.

Like Suzanne’s forbearers, we want to leave our property in good shape for future custodians of the land.

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The property has 420 acres of which about 250 acres which has been set aside for native fauna and flora.

In 1999 we started planting 1000’s of gum trees as a native corridor.

We had many Koala’s when Suzanne was a child however there had not been a Koala on the property for almost 30 years.

You can’t possibly imagine our delight when we saw the first one return in 2008.

Since then we have regular visitors, in fact, they all have names and we record when we see them around the winery now.


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