Infused Wines

Infused Wines

Developing the infused wines, is a unique balance between Ross and Irena our herbalist.

The selection of herbs and grapes, the most desirable time to enjoy the wines and the foods that compliment the infused wines is a long and arduous process requiring expertise, patience, confidence and courage to go against tradition and trust your instinct to create new and exciting wines.

Each of the infused wines has its own unique personality.
Some herbs may be incorporated as fresh herbs with the grapes and go through the traditional wine making process.

Other herbs maybe cold pressed or hot infusion.

Each of the herbs are incorporated at various stages throughout the wine making process.

Herbs have specific properties or effects; therefore, relaxing herbs will not be blended with energizing herbs.

The method, the blend and incorporation of the herbs during the wine making process is of course a closely guarded family secret.

Some infused wines never reach major production while other blends are simply waiting for the most appropriate time to release for example, a fortified wine released during winter rather than summer.

The average research and development time from idea to product launch for our current range of infused wines has been four years.

Best Infused Wines

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