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2nd 2 None wines reflect a synthesis of old world and new world wine making styles.  They reflect vibrancy, they evoke memories and they stir emotions.  Our wines have personalities that surprise and excite, they challenge and demand the extremes of spontaneity, and discipline from our winemaking team.

The 2nd 2 None range of wines are remarkably aromatic, perfectly balanced, velvety smooth and refreshingly crisp.  We aim for a good expression of the fruit with a fine hint of oak, and smoothness and length on the palate.  We want our wines to say: “Here we are – the best expression of grapes that the regions have to offer.  Enjoy us.”

The product range: Today, the product range consists of the 2nd 2 None traditional styles of wines and an infused range of wines, – a range of grape wines infused with herbs.

The concept to develop the herb infused range of wines evolved in 2000. Research and development began in earnest in 2001.  The infused range of wines reached fruition in 2004 when the first of three infused wines were released. 

The following year another two herb infused wines joined the range. The last infused wine was released in January 2017 and is called Exotica.

Each wine has its own identity and personality.  The infused range evokes emotions, recollections and pleasures. These wines truly are a memorable experience.  Each wine is unique. Dare we say ‘Exciting’?

Our Wines

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