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Price List

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of our marvellous wines and liqueurs!

*please note, whilst we do our very best to keep the value in our pricing, things can change from time to time. so the table prices below can change without notice.

WineBottle PriceCarton Price

(12 bottles)

Sparkling Mischief (Brut)$22$199
Gee Spot (7%) Sparkling Moscato$22$199
White Delight (5.5%) Moscato$22$199
Sauvignon Blanc Semillon$22$199
Exotica (9%) Sparkling & Ginger$25$239
Ginger Zinger Sparkling Rose, Ginger Infused$25$239
Ginger Crush Ginger, Gentian, Ginseng, Guarana, Ginko Infusion$29$250
50 Shades of Red Sparkling Shiraz Grenache$22$199
Red Delight (8.9%)$22$199
Premium Red$25$199
Durif 2010$39$399
PJ’s & Slippers(10 year old Port)out of stock
Riesling Liqueur 375ml$40$399
Mandarin Liqueur 375mlout of stock