Gee Spot Sparkling Moscato

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Gee Spot Sparkling Moscato – 750 mls 7% alcohol. Serve very cold in a long-stemmed glass.

The Gee Spot is only 7% alcohol and for a delicious summer drink, fill the glass with lots of ice, toss in some mint leaves (this is your greens for the day) a couple of frozen blueberries and a slice or two of lemons or limes or blood orange or pink grapefruit which will reduce the sweetness from the Moscato, or for a real treat, a shot of Gin as Gin which is a beautiful aromatic spirit.

With Gee Spot Sparkling Moscato, The ferment was stopped early so everyone can enjoy the party. Soft fruity Moscato aromas and flavors come through.

We enjoy it with ice, fruits and berries.

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