Philip Spencer

Philip Spencer

Philip Spencer is the co-owner of 2nd2None Wines.

In 2008, Philip Spencer joined Suzanne and became a 50% shareholder of 2nd 2 None. Philip grew up in Alice Springs and moved to Adelaide in 1965 to live with family after his parents died.

He studied and achieved 3 degrees in Commerce, Business, and a Master of Business. Philip spent 40 years in Local Government as Deputy CEO and CEO. Philip spends most of his time in the winery, organizing bottling, stock control and ensuring a good drop is enjoyed by all.

The 2nd 2 None range of wines are remarkably aromatic, perfectly balanced, velvety smooth and refreshingly crisp.

We aim for a good expression of the fruit with a fine hint of oak, and smoothness and length on the palate.

We want our wines to say: “Here we are – the best expression of grapes that the regions have to offer. Enjoy us.”

The concept to develop the herb infused range of wines evolved in 2000.

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