Suzanne Nation

Suzanne Nation

Suzanne Nation – is the owner of 2nd2None Winery. This has been Suzanne’s family property for almost 100 years.

In 1999 Suzanne returned to be custodian of the property. With the assistance of her family and team, planted a 75:25 ratio of red to white grapevines. Building the winery commenced in 2002, and the cellar door was officially opened in July 2004. Suzanne divides her time between the office and the vineyard and keeping an eye open for her beloved Koalas.

The 2nd 2 None range of wines are remarkably aromatic, perfectly balanced, velvety smooth and refreshingly crisp.

We aim for a good expression of the fruit with a fine hint of oak, and smoothness and length on the palate.

We want our wines to say: “Here we are – the best expression of grapes that the regions have to offer. Enjoy us.”

The concept to develop the herb infused range of wines evolved in 2000.

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